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Our Mission

We believe patients should be able to find and connect confidently with select, best in class physicians. Our integrated platform allows patients to read reviews, schedule appointments and communicate with their physician and surgical facility.

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The PreferredMD Network

How we select PreferredMD Network Physicians

The need for a central resource for patients to obtain premier healthcare in NYC has been evident for many years. Many national health platforms include physicians on their search engines for a fee, or restrict selection to physicians belonging only to a particular insurance network. In reality, these networks can only deliver ‘acceptable medicine’ because their models are driven by financial and insurance incentives.

Most, if not all premier physicians would never pay a fee for a patient referral! Why should patients seeking world class medical care be restricted to an arbitrary subset of the physician pool?

The PreferredMD network is very different. Because our model is exclusively peer and patient-driven we reliably deliver “exceptional medicine”. How can we qualify this claim? The practitioners in our network, and potential candidates, are continually evaluated by our clinical board and patient subscribers using detailed performance criteria. We only invite those physicians who consistently deliver top-tier, end-to-end patient service to join our network and maintain their membership in it. Our subscribers have complete access to this comprehensive database in an accessible and useful way, allowing them to make an informed determination of our network’s value.

360 degree PreferredMD network physician evaluation

1. Doctor-Patient Relationship
3.Office Evaluation
Care spere
2. Physician Peer Review and Collaboration
4. Online Reputation

The information we capture and evaluate about a physician falls under the following four categories:

  • Doctor Patient Relationship

    • Time spent with the patient, recognition of chief complaint, empathy, knowledge, bedside manner, clarity of communication, formation of an effective treatment plan, appropriate and effective treatment and follow-up
  • Physician Peer Review and Collaboration

    • Physician reputation and standing among his/her peers, board certification, Fellowship training, society memberships, state license in good standing, ethical billing practices
    • Collaborative interaction with interdisciplinary colleagues, with the objective of clinical excellence to effectivelyachieve the patient's goals
    • Review of National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) report
    • Surgeons: Excellence of the surgical facility
    • Skill in the operating room, modern technique, superior outcome, minimal complication profile such as: low hospital admissions, low rate of infection or hematoma, rare requirement to re-op same patient within 48 hours
  • Office evaluation

    • Clean, comfortably appointed, state of the art medical equipment and devices
    • Professional, courteous office-staff
    • Polite knowledgeable MA/nurse
    • Ease of scheduling: flexibility, availability, friendliness
    • Financial transparency: clear, detailed explanation of process and fees
  • Online reviews

    • PreferredMD platform with verified patients and other online sites
    • Qualified Reviews: this is a methodology to ensure that evaluations are based on verifiable actual experiences, created without incentives, or influenced by the physician


Biraj Patel

Biraj Patel MD, Founder and CEO

Dr. Biraj Patel’s commitment to healthcare at the highest level and his conviction that world class medical care could be facilitated with technology led to the formation of the PreferredMD network.

As a practicing anesthesiologist, Dr. Patel took his medical skills in conjunction with a passion for technology and started to formalize the network under the banner of PreferredMD in 2011. He identified other skillful physicians at the top of their league who have a common goal of uncompromised healthcare to create an unbiased site where one can find the best care.

Today, the PreferredMD network of physicians spans 15 specialties who are stringently vetted by a clinical board. Dr. Patel continues to have a strong direct connection with physicians evolving the network and the technology that supports physician practices.

The secure technology component reduces the level of redundancy with information sharing and patient time lost and frustration. The platform serves as a valuable resources to physician offices, allowing them to focus solely on the clinical aspect of healthcare.

Dr. Biraj Patel obtained a Masters in Neurophysiology and M.D. at Cambridge University, England in 1999. Prior to starting a private practice, he was an Assistant Clinical Professor at New York University Department of Anesthesiology where he authored several publications in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Biraj lives in Westchester with his wife and two sons.

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